Libester award

Hi guys!

This it’s going to be a bit differente post from usual, because I’ve been nominated from greencooking for the liebster award, thank you sweetie !


What is liebster award? It’s an award to be able to knew new blogs, and I have to answer to some questions so…let’s get started!

What made you decide to start blogging?

Well, it was actually because of my love (obsession?) for food. I used to check a lot of food blog online to get new recipes and be inspired in my cooking, and afert a while I’ve decided to start my own! My main blog is born like 5 years ago, and it’s obviously about food, but is written only in italian, if you want you can check it out here.

What would your ideal job be?

Well,it’s easy to imagine isn’t it? I would really really like to be a professional food blogger, to collaborate with magazines and stuff like that. That’s my dream, but it’s an hard road, so while I keep trying I currently work in the fashion industries.

What is your favourite meal?

Mmmh I guess I’m going to choose dinner. I do prefer savory falvor, and it’s the moment in the day where I can eat with my bf or my friends. And I love to go out for dinner and discover some new restaurants so…

Do you do any sports, and if so, what do you do?

Well not really. In my childhood I used to be a ballerina, but for some health truoble I quitted. At the moment I’m following the blogilates workout 4/5 times a week, I think popilates it’s really funny AND effective! Thanks Cassey!

What type of music do you like?

I really like a lot of different type of music, when I was younger I used to listen just metal ( ahahah I know) but now I enjoy listening also rock, jazz, blues and some very selected pop.

If you could go on holiday anywhere for a week, starting tomorrow, where would you go?


Without any doubt, I’m going to choose Japan. I love Japan and I wish one day I’ll go back there and start to live my life in Kyoto. My second choice is Singapore, I’ve never been there but I think that it might a really cute place.

Do you have any funny facts about yourself?

Well, not really. Ok no, it’s a lie, I’m scared and disgusted by every little things that grows or live together. So, little fish, mushrooms, bugs.

What is your favourite type of weather?

Sunny but not too hot.

Do you have an idol – if you do, who is it?

I think that idol it’s an huge word. But I really like Jamie Oliver, because he really like his job and he really enjoy to cook. Despite of others chefs, thats always looks like they are gods, he is really down on heart and you can see that he love what he’s doing.

Do you love or hate marmite? (Don’t worry about this one if you have never tried it!)

never tried it! I think in Italy is not selled.

Well now I’m going to nominate : brooklynsupper– naturallyella – my kitchen witch – Samanta’s Pastry and all of you that would like to partecipate!

Those are the questions:

  1. What make you decide to start blogging?
  2. What is your favourite movie or series?
  3. Where do you live and where do you would like to live?
  4. What’s your favourite dish?
  5. What’s your favourite season?
  6. Who is your favourite blogger?
  7. How many languages do you speak?
  8. Do you have any idol?
  9. Who’s your favourite chef?
  10. Do you love italian cuisine?

You don’t have do answer if you don’t want to, but if you do, link me your post ’cause I’m very curious to learn more about you guys!

See u


Bell pepper and crumbs spaghetti

Hey guys! Did you know? A couple of days ago it was my birthday! Yep, my birthday is on the international woman’s day, the 8th of march. It may looks like a blessing but actually is not…have you ever tryied to book a restaurant or a club in that day? Is not easy at all, and if you succeed you have to deal with overpriced menu.
Btw I’ve spent a really happy birthday, me and my bf went to my mom’s house to have a lunch with her, and she made that wonderful and delicious vegetarian meatloaf made with dried tomatoes, lentils and walnuts and some baked potatoes . It was so delicious, when se gave me the recipe I’ll definitely share that with you.

In the evening luckly we went to my favourite sushi restaurant (yes, the one in my previous post)  and we had an amazing dinner.

Anyway, this post is about something else. Again pasta. And the funny part is that I don’t even like pasta that much. Ahahah. But my bf does, and I’m italian, so I try always to create some new recipes for him, and for me as well. Actually, I really liked this one, is crunchy an full of flavor.


bell pepper and crumbs spaghetti

Ingerdients 2 servings

  • whole wheat spaghetti 190 g
  • tomato 1 large
  • red bell pepper 1 medium
  • feta cheese 4 slices
  • salt & pepper
  • chili flakes
  • bread crumbs 3 tablespoons
  • olive oil
  • basil
  • garlic 1 clove


Cut the bell pepper in little pieces, heat a large pan, add some olive oil and fry the garlic clove. Add the bell pepper and fry until is soft. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Set aside and bring some salted water to a boil. Now cut the tomatoes in pieces, put it in na bowl and season with minced garlic, salt, pepper and olive oil. After some minutes heat a grille, and grill the tomatoes for a couple of minutes per side. Cook the spaghetti for some minute less than usual ( for me, they requires 9 minutes but I’ve drained after 7).
On the same grille that you’ve used for tomatoes, put the bread crums, some olive oil, chili flakes and basil and fry until the texture is crispy and  the bread is golden brown.

Add the tomatoes and the spaghetti in the bell pepper pan, with a couple of tablespoons of cooking water and cook them together until everithing is ready. Add some feta cheese and the bread crumbs on top.


Easy and delish.

Well, that’s all  for now,
See you soon 🙂



Love at first bite

So a couple of days ago it was my anniversary, yay. Four years with the love of my life, not bad uh?! 🙂

Unfortunatly we both had a very busy day, so we actually met just for dinner, even if we live together!

Anyway, it was an amazing night, we spent it in our favorite Japanese restaurant here in Milan. The restaurant is called Nishiki and is actually a fusion restaurant. Every dish is really creative and everything taste just soooo good!


Usually I’m not so much into fusion sushi, I’m kinda a big fan of traditional Japanese authentic sushi. That’s maybe because I’ve spent there some times and I’ve learned what Japanese cuisine is…but anyway those guys definitely knows what they’re doing. Everything taste just heavenly. Not kidding.


And there are some plus, first of all you can eat in the “privè” area, where you can eat in a very cozy space with a couch and pillows. There’s a curtain that divide your space from the rest of the restaurant and you need to take your shoes off. Really romantic.

and then they have those sweets…

imageOh my god can I just say heaven? All the dessert are made by the Knam patisserie. If you don’t live in Italy maybe you’ve never heard about him, but if you do that’s impossible because everyone knows about the chocolate King! 🙂

Unfortunatly I forgot to take a picture of the heart shaped chocolate mousse that I’ve ate on that day, but there’s a picture of one of my faves, that it’s a triple chocolate mousse cake. Do I need to say more?

As always I’ve had a great time with my love…in this period not that easy of my life, I’m very grateful to have him by my side every day 🙂

So, that’s it for now, see you very soon


ps: I know the pictures are not the best, there was a bad lightning

Fake carbonara

Hey! What’s up guys? Is still cold in here, january is almost over and february is already knocking at the door. I love this season, the cold weather and everything…I’m the only one who loves cold weather? Wearing cozy clothes, stay home and have a cup of tea watching netflix…there’s something really romantic about this.

I’m spending some more time at home lately, so I’m cooking a lot. I’m trying some more vegetarian recipes, and this one was delicious. It’s fake, just because from the original carbonara recipe, I’ve kept only eggs, parmesan and pasta.

My bf really liked it, and I’ve loved it!


Ingredients for 2 serves:

  • Spaghetti (or linguine) 180 g
  • 1 large organic zucchini
  • 2 eggs
  • Grated parmesan
  • Milk
  • Turmeric 1 teaspoon
  • Black pepper


Cut the zucchini in little slices. Heat a large pan and add some olive oil, fry the zucchini until they are golden and soften.

Bring to a boil some salted water, and cook your pasta ( don’t put your pasta in the cold water. Don’t do that 😀 ). Meanwhile put the eggs in to a bowl, add some salt, pepper, the grated parmesan, milk and the turmeric and mix together with a fork.

When the spaghetti are ready, drain it reserving some cooking water. In a large bowl, put the spaghetti, add the creamy egg sauce and the zucchini, and mix well. If you need it, add some cooking water.

Serve with parmesan and black pepper on top.

The flavour is a bit spicy and creamy, you will love it.

Italian text:

Ciao! Come va ragazzi? Fa ancora parecchio freddo qui, Gennaio è già quasi finito e febbraio sta già bussando alla porta. Adoro questa stagione, il tempo freddo e tutto il resto…sono l’unica che adora questo clima? Indossare abiti comodi e caldi, bere una tazza di te guardando netflix…ha un che di romantico. Si, sono drogata di serie tv, lo ammetto.

Ultimamente sto passando più tempo a casa, quindi sto cucinando tantissimo. Mi capita di provare molte più ricette vegetariane e questa è buonissima! E’ una falsa carbonara, perchè della ricetta originale mantiene solamente la presenza delle uova e il parmigiano.

Il mio fidanzato l’ha molto apprezzata, pur essendo un grande fan della versione originale, ed io l’ho adorata!

Ingredienti per 2 porzioni:

  • 180g di spaghetti o linguine
  • 1 grossa zucchina chiara
  • 2 uova
  • parmigiano grattugiato
  • latte
  • sale e pepe
  • 1 cucchiaino di curcuma

Tagliare la zucchina a striscioline e farla rosolare in padella fino a che non diventa morbida e dorata.

Portare ad ebollizione dell’acqua salata e cuocere la pasta. Nel frattempo in una ciotola sbattere le uova con il latte, il parmigiano, sale e pepe e la curcuma.

Quando gli spaghetti saranno al dente, scolarli tenendo un po’ di acqua di cottura da parte, unirli al composto di uova ed alle zucchine e girare bene. Se necessario unire l’acqua di cottura per rendere cremoso il tutto. Servire con parmigiano e una spolverata di pepe nero.

Ha una texture davvero cremosa ed una nota speziata, buonissima!

There’s life outside Venice

Hi guys! So… What have you received for Christmas? Have you already finished your holiday? Unfortunately I did…back to work! But with a lot of good memories with me.

By the way, I’m here to share with you guys my latest experience in Verona…did u know it? It’s a beautiful, super romantic city near Venice a and I’m in love with it. If you are planning a journey in Italy and you are going to visit Venice (of course you are) you need to plan also a little stop in here. I go there usually once a year, for a couple of days, when I need to stop and find some relax and peace this is my first choice. Probably you know the city because of the Romeo and Juliet tragedy, and you can actually visit Juliet house in here. It’s so so so romantic.


But let’s be honest, the most important thing to me in EVERY journey is food. I’m all about the food…while my bf plan what to see, where to go, etc…I’m just like, alright fine but, where do we go to eat?? Ahahahah, I know I can’t help myself searching for some new restaurants and bistrot.

This year we had the great pleasure to discover a precious place that I just can’t forget. Is called ENOTECA SEGRETA, and it’s located in the very center, in the heart of Verona. The name means secret wine bar, but there’s a lot more than this. Go visit their website here.

We decide to have a dinner there because of the location, that was extremely close to our hotel, and for the name. I’m not gonna lie, they had me at SECRET !

Well,it was a delicious discover…the place is easy to find, if you have the  direction. It’s a really small bistrot, and the guys working there are extremely young and talented.

I’ve started with a roasted bread with red chicory and westcomb cheddar fondue, that was insanely good, and then I’ve continued with Tortelli ( a filled pasta) with curry, robiola cheese and cheek lard. Just divine.


The wine was also great, obviously. At the end I’ve ordered a dark chocolate selection. They don’t offer a simple dinner in here, it was a real sensorial experience.

After that we’ve discovered that, if you book it, you can have the “secret table”. It is a table for two, in the wine cellar, with a romantic set. It will be great for anniversary and date dinner.

Let me know if you had ever visited Verona and what you think about 🤗


Cheers, see you soon!




So we get started from here… Hi everybody I think we should start with a little introduction isn’t it? Well I’m not too good at it but, Hi! I’m Vale and I’m 30…alright 31 in a couple of month but who really care? I’m based in Milan, Italy at the moment but I lived in Florence for something like 10 years. Of course I’m a food lover, and my purpose is to share with you guys my favorite recipe and food discovers.

by the way, I’m sorry for my English I know is quite terrible but…feel free to correct me I’m still learning!


The first thing I want to share with you guys is that little recipe I’ve made for Christmas Eve with my bf…it’s really easy but at the same time taste soooo good!


Is a shrimps,ginger and lime risotto…actually the original recipe included also vanilla but I’m not really into vanilla taste so I didn’t use it but of course you can!  Here is where I’ve found this deliciousness Risotto Lime and Ginger the recipe is written only in Italian so if you need some help with the translation let me know!

And you,how have you spent the Christmas Eve?

So, see you next time!


Italian text:

Allora si comincia…Ciao a tutti! Dovrei iniziare con una piccola introduzione vero? Non sono molto brava in queste cose ma…ciao! Sono Vale e ho 30 anni…31 tra un paio di mesi in realtà ma è importante?  Abito a Milano in questo momento ma ho vissuto circa 10 anni nella bellissima Firenze. Ovviamente sono una grande amante del cibo e quello che mi ripropongo di fare qui e condividere con voi le mie ricette e i miei piatti e ristoranti preferiti in giro per Milano e non solo.

La prima cosa che volevo condividere con voi è la ricetta che ho fatto per la sera della Vigilia di Natale che ho passato con il mio fidanzato, semplice ma buonissimo! Si tratta di un risotto con gamberi, zenzero e lime. In realtà la ricetta originale prevedeva anche l’utilizzo della vaniglia ma io non la amo specialmente nei piatti salati. Qui trovate la ricetta originale Risotto Lime Zenzero e Vaniglia .

e voi come avete passato la vostra vigilia??

A presto!