Love at first bite

So a couple of days ago it was my anniversary, yay. Four years with the love of my life, not bad uh?! 🙂

Unfortunatly we both had a very busy day, so we actually met just for dinner, even if we live together!

Anyway, it was an amazing night, we spent it in our favorite Japanese restaurant here in Milan. The restaurant is called Nishiki and is actually a fusion restaurant. Every dish is really creative and everything taste just soooo good!


Usually I’m not so much into fusion sushi, I’m kinda a big fan of traditional Japanese authentic sushi. That’s maybe because I’ve spent there some times and I’ve learned what Japanese cuisine is…but anyway those guys definitely knows what they’re doing. Everything taste just heavenly. Not kidding.


And there are some plus, first of all you can eat in the “privè” area, where you can eat in a very cozy space with a couch and pillows. There’s a curtain that divide your space from the rest of the restaurant and you need to take your shoes off. Really romantic.

and then they have those sweets…

imageOh my god can I just say heaven? All the dessert are made by the Knam patisserie. If you don’t live in Italy maybe you’ve never heard about him, but if you do that’s impossible because everyone knows about the chocolate King! 🙂

Unfortunatly I forgot to take a picture of the heart shaped chocolate mousse that I’ve ate on that day, but there’s a picture of one of my faves, that it’s a triple chocolate mousse cake. Do I need to say more?

As always I’ve had a great time with my love…in this period not that easy of my life, I’m very grateful to have him by my side every day 🙂

So, that’s it for now, see you very soon


ps: I know the pictures are not the best, there was a bad lightning


There’s life outside Venice

Hi guys! So… What have you received for Christmas? Have you already finished your holiday? Unfortunately I did…back to work! But with a lot of good memories with me.

By the way, I’m here to share with you guys my latest experience in Verona…did u know it? It’s a beautiful, super romantic city near Venice a and I’m in love with it. If you are planning a journey in Italy and you are going to visit Venice (of course you are) you need to plan also a little stop in here. I go there usually once a year, for a couple of days, when I need to stop and find some relax and peace this is my first choice. Probably you know the city because of the Romeo and Juliet tragedy, and you can actually visit Juliet house in here. It’s so so so romantic.


But let’s be honest, the most important thing to me in EVERY journey is food. I’m all about the food…while my bf plan what to see, where to go, etc…I’m just like, alright fine but, where do we go to eat?? Ahahahah, I know I can’t help myself searching for some new restaurants and bistrot.

This year we had the great pleasure to discover a precious place that I just can’t forget. Is called ENOTECA SEGRETA, and it’s located in the very center, in the heart of Verona. The name means secret wine bar, but there’s a lot more than this. Go visit their website here.

We decide to have a dinner there because of the location, that was extremely close to our hotel, and for the name. I’m not gonna lie, they had me at SECRET !

Well,it was a delicious discover…the place is easy to find, if you have the  direction. It’s a really small bistrot, and the guys working there are extremely young and talented.

I’ve started with a roasted bread with red chicory and westcomb cheddar fondue, that was insanely good, and then I’ve continued with Tortelli ( a filled pasta) with curry, robiola cheese and cheek lard. Just divine.


The wine was also great, obviously. At the end I’ve ordered a dark chocolate selection. They don’t offer a simple dinner in here, it was a real sensorial experience.

After that we’ve discovered that, if you book it, you can have the “secret table”. It is a table for two, in the wine cellar, with a romantic set. It will be great for anniversary and date dinner.

Let me know if you had ever visited Verona and what you think about 🤗


Cheers, see you soon!